What to Do If You Are Involved in an Accident?

Road accidents can happen to anyone when they’re driving, whether through their own fault or the fault of others, especially during this festive season when there are more vehicles than usual on the roads.

In a rush to get home, people may start to get reckless, and there is also no shortage of inconsiderate drivers on the road, as evidenced by the rise in fatalities this year, attributed mainly to drivers’ selfish attitude.

When an accident happens, the parties involved can get overwhelmed and confused, opening opportunities for other parties to take advantage of the situation and cheat the victims in guise of helping them.

The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) and the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) advises consumers on the importance of being fully informed on the correct procedures to be applied in the event of an accident to ensure consumers’ interests are protected.

“Firstly, a vehicle owner must understand that purchasing an insurance policy or contributing to Motor Takaful is not only for the renewal of his road tax and to drive legally on the road.

“An insurance cover or Takaful participation can protect the vehicle owner in the case of an accident,” PIAM said in a statement.

In this instance, the vehicle owner must know the various types of motor insurance covers, such as:-

Third Party cover: This policy/Takaful Certificate insures/protects you against claims for bodily injuries or deaths caused to other persons (known as the third party), as well as loss or damage to third party property caused by your vehicle.

Third Party, Fire and Theft cover: This policy provides insurance/Takaful protection against claims for third party bodily injury and death, third party property loss or damage, and loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire or theft.

Comprehensive cover: This policy/Takaful Certificate provides the widest coverage, i.e. third party bodily injury and death, third party property loss or damage as well as loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or an accident.

If you get involved in an accident, you’re advised to take the following steps, regardless of who was at fault, to ensure the reporting process after the accident is less stressful and smoother when making your insurance or Motor Takaful claim.

  • Stay calm.
  • Call the insurance or Takaful agent/insurance company/Takaful Operator to notify them of the accident immediately and to seek advice.
  • Call the Accident Assist Call Centre (AACC) at the toll free number of 1-300-22-11-88 for general enquiries and road assistance services.
  • Note down a detailed description of what happened and collect as much information as possible.
    • Take a photo of the accident scene and damage to the car
    • Write down the following details:
      • Particular of drivers – Name, IC, Contact Number, Address
      • Vehicle details – Model and registration number
      • Name of driver’s insurer
  • Lodge a police report within 24-hour of accident.
  • In the event you are hassled by unscrupulous third parties, you may also lodge a police report on this matter.

PIAM also reminds drivers involved in an accident to NOT do the following:

  • Enter into any negotiations with any party without prior consent of the insurers/Takaful Operators
  • Accept any settlement, receive any cash advance, reveal personal banking information or sign any document from unknown parties in request to offer help. This is to avoid accident victims receiving inadequate claim amount compared to original amount to be paid by the insurers/Takaful Operators as a result of the unknown parties charging high amount of service fee and expenses claimed.

Once you have lodged a police report, you can proceed to make a claim with your insurance company/Takaful Operator.

For damage claims, it is recommended you always seek advice from the insurer, Takaful Operator or agent on the type of documents required for claim processing, whether it is to be submitted to your own insurer or Takaful Operator or to the other party’s insurer or Takaful Operator within seven days of the date of accident or loss if you are not physically disabled or hospitalised following the accident.

For injury claims, you can call AACC at 1-300-22-11-88 to direct you to the insurer or Takaful operator concerned within 30 days or as soon as possible if you are physically disabled or hospitalised as a result of the accident.

If you choose to pursue a motor claim involving third party bodily injury and death or third party property damage directly with the driver’s insurer or Takaful Operator, or appoint a lawyer, always ensure that the compensation you receive is adequate.

Please exercise care and where necessary seek expert advice in reaching any settlement for compensation with the other vehicle’s insurer or Takaful Operator as such settlement is likely to be final.

For further information, you may refer to Accident Assist Call Centre at 1-300-22-1188 or visit the PIAM or MTA websites.